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BrightEye Technology: Providing affordable solutions for Special Education, Learning Disability, Dyslexia, Inclusion, ESL, and Assistive Technology.

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History and Introduction

My name is Bob Wieselman, President of BrightEye Technology. Many years ago a Learning Disability instructor came to me with a problem. She said she just didn't have time to read individually to all of her students. She wanted me to design a device that could scan words and text, then clearly read them out loud.

The rest as they say is history, excpt for the overwhelming acceptance and recognition of Texthelp Systems Read & Write Software. The power of their software to have a significant impact on a students learning is being played out by its huge growth in installations worldwide. If you are not familiar with their software please contact us for a demonstration.

Our systems and Software solutions are designed to help students learn on their own. Empowering people with the aid of low cost, easy to use technology is our #1 goal.

So, whether you are an educator, a parent, a college student or a consultant who works with exceptional students, the vision impaired, ESL, Vocational Rehab (and the list goes on), I invite you to learn more about our products.

Solutions and Applications

School - Home or Work
Imagine you or your student needs assistance with reading or writing. Your classroom, home or office has a BrightEye Scan-A-Page system connected to a computer. This allows you to scan any words (or pages), then hear the text read back to you in a natural, human voice. Take it a step further. The Scan-A-Page System will work with any application installed on this computer. A student could be instructed to go to a particular web site and practice reading the words on a particular page, or to read an assignment using a word processor. The point is, they can practice and learn without supervision. Did I mention that we include headphones and a special adaptor with each of our systems, so it will not disturb anyone else in the class, home or office?

See links for flyers of complete feature set
Natural sounding voices: The leading edge in Text to Speech technology.
Words Highlighted:
The words that are spoken are highlighted as they are spoken out loud, PDF documents as well.
Easy to Install: 20 minute installation, plus we provide free training and tips.
Positive feeback: By utilizing visual and auditory senses, students pay more attention and enjoy learning on their own without assistance. Students who listen to their own compositions receive interactive information for correcting their own mistakes.

Our advanced systems incorporate leading edge software, the most powerful, easiest to use special needs ng assistance applications for empowering students to read and write with greater proficiency on their own.

Home and College Use:
Students don't have to wait for an adult to assist them with homework and research projects. College students can scan in large amounts of text to listen to at a later time. Many higher education schools are buying Read and Write site licenses for their entire campus, so that all students can utilize the power of this software. Anyone can use our system to learn at their own pace at home.

Exceptional Children, Inclusion and Special Education:

LD / Learning Disability: Our scanning system was originally designed for students with learning disabilities. It empowers them to read, write and learn on their own. Features in our advanced systems allow them to dictate their assignments into the computer, and use the word prediction when composing to help them find the exact word and meaning they are looking for.
Dyslexia: These students get added benefits from the writing features of the software. People of all ages enjoy the benefits of our systems at college and in the work place. The most popular features of the advanced systems are word prediction and the homonym checker.
ESL: Imagine if you were a non-English-speaking student and you had a program that would not only read highlighted words out loud to you, but also display the definition of the word with a simple click of the mouse.

Vocational Rehabilitation:

Reading and writing assistance for home or work. Many government, private, and non-profit vocational assistance agencies are discovering the value of our systems for their clients. Have I missed any? Let me know!

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